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Operating at New Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai Airports

Terminal Services, DGCA, Passenger Services, Cargo Handling, Tourism, Charter Airline, Car Rental

Our Services

Terminal Services

  • Passenger and baggage handling
  • Cargo handling
  • Traffic services including passenger check-in (till Dec 2008)
  • Liaison with local authorities


We and liaise with DGCA for obtaining approvals for airlines with respect to

  • Preparing & filing Summer & Winter weekly scheduled passenger and cargo schedules to/from India & over flying India in DGCA formats.
  • Revisions in above-mentioned weekly schedules, if any.
  • Preparing & filing for approval of extra passenger, cargo flights including VVIP flights, if any, to/from India.
  • Intimation to DGCA regarding delayed flights, emergency & technical landings, if any, to/from India.
  • Preparing & filing for approval of non-scheduled flights over flying India.
  • Other DGCA related matters relating to flight clearances entrusted by airlines from time to time.

We can also liaise with other government and local authorities such as AAI, DIAL, MIAL, etc., on airlines behalf.

Passenger Services

  • Loading/unloading of passenger baggage
  • Transshipment of passenger baggage
  • Loading/unloading equipment
  • Positioning and removing of passenger stairs and bridges
  • Emplane/deplane passengers
  • Break/make-up of baggage
  • Bulk loading/unloading of baggage

Cargo Handling

  • Loading and off loading, export, import and transshipment cargo from the Aircraft
  • Operate/provide/arrange essential equipment for handling of cargo
  • Transshipment of cargo
  • Break/make-up of cargo container/unit load device
  • Bulk loading/unloading


  • Transportation facilities to inbound foreign and local tourists
  • Fleet of 50 cars and 5 luxury coaches with All India Tourists Transport Permits

Charter Airline, Aircraft Rental, Helicopter Rental

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Our Services

Terminal Services, DGCA, Passenger Services, Cargo Handling, Charter Airline, Tourism, Aircraft Rental, Helicopter Rental, Charter Services, Luxury Coaches, Luxury Car Rental

Our Clients

Past and Present Clients Include: